RDLC Computing

Independent software developer doing mostly web development and desktop software.

Check out my github profile to access the source code to all my programs. I write code mostly in Go, Sqlite3, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Need help installing or using any of my programs? Email me at robdelacruz@protonmail.com or send me a tweet.


  • Newsboard demo

    Web-based bulletin board for sharing stories and links. HackerNews clone.

  • FreeRSS demo

    RSS Viewer and Web Portal. Browse news feeds. Use as a personalized home page.

  • Fortune2 demo

    Unix fortune clone. Command-line utility and webservice for retrieving fortune text cookies.

  • Modeless demo

    Web based Notational Velocity clone. Demonstrates a modeless user interface.

  • Ted

    Console-based text editor developed in Go and termbox.

  • Expense Buddy

    Command-line expense tracker utility for unix environments.

  • MultiNote demo

    Web-based note sharing system. For weblogs, CMS, file repository.


  • Gout notes

    My theory on the root causes of gout, and what to do to avoid getting it.