RDLC Computing

Computer programmer and conspiracy theorist (or so they call me).

Check out my github to access the source code to all my programs.

Need help installing or using any of my programs? Email me at robdelacruz@protonmail.com or send me a tweet.


  • Newsboard demo

    Web-based bulletin board for sharing stories and links. HackerNews clone.

  • FreeRSS demo

    RSS Viewer and Web Portal. Browse news feeds. Use as a personalized home page.

  • Fortune2 demo

    Unix fortune clone. Command-line utility and webservice for retrieving fortune text cookies.

  • Modeless demo

    Web based Notational Velocity clone. Demonstrates a modeless user interface.

  • Ted

    Console-based text editor developed in Go and termbox.

  • Expense Buddy

    Command-line expense tracker utility for unix environments.

  • MultiNote demo

    Web-based note sharing system. For weblogs, CMS, file repository.


  • none yet